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Name:Edo Mods
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[where the hell am i]

The Edo is an RP dropped into the middle of Gintama.

Gintama exists in a bizarre period of relative peace after Edo was invaded by the Amanto and the inhabitants had no choice but to accept these new aliens as their new asshole overlords neighbors. We're playing in that Edo - after it had been conquered and changed by modern-day technology, but still remaining awkwardly and often hilariously late 1800's Japan. Most of the story in Gintama is set in the Edo area itself or in the sky above it, though there are quite a few specific locations that will be included in the game for character exploration, including beaches, a forested mountain range, and a downtown area that looks suspiciously like modern Tokyo.

In addition to the major locations and settings available to play in, there are the countless other, smaller locations and modes of transportation for use in your play - modern style konbini, malls, alien stores, traditional mom and pop dango and ramen shops, pachinko parlors, terrorist bomb factories, dockyards, temples and shrines, dog parks, a modern amusement park and trains, mopeds, bicycles and cars to get around town.

[...and how the hell did i get here]

Your character arrived on one of the ships that make regular arrivals at the terminal at the center of Edo, and the reason is up to you - they could have been abducted in their sleep by space pirates paying off debts by gathering up unsuspecting chumps that don't even know alien pirates exist to sell them off to the black market, or maybe they bought a ticket to leave their own world to escape some horrible thing happening in canon, or to find the better life that's always rumored to be found here (but rarely is). The trouble is, however you got here, you can't ever seem to get on one of those ships to leave again! No matter how much money you save up, no matter how awesome your skills or powers are, no matter who you know or bribe, something always goes wrong.

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